Who are we? Our philosophy

All USA Partners is introducing All USA Direct the first all inclusive program designed to completely support; existing or new direct sales campaigns, direct marketing testing, e-commerce startups, entrepreneur projects, product owners, agencies… anybody that wants all or any of the necessary components to create, support and deliver a direct sale to the consumer. All the direct marketing services you need in one location; make one phone call or send us an email and learn how to take the confusion, high costs and headaches out of direct marketing.

All USA Partners is made up of advertising and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, backroom experts, database guru’s, customer service reps… we have done it and still do it all; we know the problems, the mistakes and the solutions. We offer complete reporting on all advertising whether it’s an automated lead generation program thru our IVR with in-house transcription or DRTV or Direct Print or any other program, All USA Partners provides reporting on a daily basis with reports customized for the client or formatted to an industry standard such as Core Direct

All USA Partners has designed a system that will affordably provide you any and all the services you need, including
the advertising all the way through to customer service:

Direct Advertising Fullfillment Internet Customer Service Television Radio

To learn more about All USA Partners please visit our Services Page. Or Call toll free 1-800-861-4116 to speak to a live All USA Representative.

“I’ll do it myself at first”

Boy have we heard that before. Talk to anybody that has attempted direct sales and they will tell you the concept is simple; develop a product, advertise, get orders and ship the product, but they will also tell you that getting it done is very difficult if not impossible.

You have gone through the time and expense of designing and manufacturing your product. Your next goal is to expose your product to the consuming public and make sales; direct advertising. Creating the ads requires experience and most often quite a bit of money, getting the ads placed can also be very expensive. This is the first obstacle we see for most new products.