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All USA Partners is introducing the first all inclusive program designed to completely support; existing or new direct sales campaigns, direct marketing testing, e-commerce startups, entrepreneur projects, product owners, agencies… anybody that wants all or any of the necessary components to create, support and deliver a direct sale to the consumer. All the direct marketing services you need in one location; make one phone call or send us an email and learn how to take the confusion, high costs and headaches out of direct marketing.

Direct Advertising

The purpose of direct advertising is to cause an action by the consumer; most often the action desired is the purchase of your product or service. There are two key factors, the first is how many people will see the ads and how many times will they see them. And the second is the effectiveness of the ads, are they compelling? Do the ads create an action by the consumer? The only way to find out is to advertise. All USA uses a blended campaign which includes sequenced, multiple, layered advertising venues. This dramatically increases the opportunity of your product becoming seen, known and sold. It is important to test the advertising, gather the data and analyze the results. The objective is to determine what the cost of advertising will be to sell one product.

Our initial goal is to immediately breakeven, quickly achieve profits and go to national roll-out with you. We are not here to deplete your resources with an overstated and overpriced campaign. We are here to work with you each and every step of the way.


Certainly, when we are talking about testing a new product, television is the medium that must be utilized. Television creates credibility and awareness, television commercials can reach into targeted markets and national outlets quickly and easily. Today’s technology and the financial situation have created an unparalleled opportunity for direct marketing television commercials. The production of commercials once costing tens of thousands of dollars are now done for hundreds, trafficking commercials is now accomplished with a click of a mouse and most importantly television stations and cable networks are receptive to Cost per Action (CPA) advertising projects. This means we are able to greatly reduce the risk financially for the product owner. From guaranteed sales to per sale agreements, All USA will create and participate in the best media program available for your product and your budget.

Television is also important because of the symbiotic relationship between being “on TV” and a new company’s ability to attract shelf space in the competitive retail environment. It is well known that shelf space, particularly for new products not sponsored by major players, is at a premium. Now it is possible to create heavy television exposure without a major cash outlay and positively influence retail buyers.

Direct Print

In the initial phases of product introduction, we will support television with radio. Radio is an excellent and effective medium for introducing a product. Pre-record spots, live mentions by popular DJ’s, interviews with the products expert, all offer ideal environments to introduce a new product. Again Cost per Action media deals will be utilized. Later, after substantial product penetration has been achieved, radio becomes the perfect medium as a “reminder” to the consumer to purchase the product online or at local outlets.


Cost for direct print based on 4 color full page ads is $12 to 16 CPM (cost per thousand) rack rate. This is $12-$16 for every thousand subscriibers (not readers). Many variations can occur and will be aggressively negotiated. For example, purchasing smaller space, a schedule, purchasing regional distribution, dealing with a broker, working with a direct print company, taking advantage of in-house agency discounts and more can lower the CPM. Print is an important component in the direct sales campaign. It increases credibility of the offer to the potential consumer. Examples of this are displayed by major television advertisers inserting “See our ad in X magazine” on their commericials.

Initially the internet will be used to take an order. This is perhaps the internets best application. We will make it easy to place an order because the people coming to the site will be coming from the radio, television and print ads and will be ready to order. This greatly reduces the expense of fulfillment. The cost to take an order online is next to nothing compared to a call center. Our call center will be available to take live calls from the consumers that prefer to order by phone.

A revenue stream will also be generated by the sales of products directly to the consumer through internet advertising. We will create emails, banners and landing pages designed to create orders. Many of these campaigns will also be a CPA (Cost Per Action) partnership between us, internet advertising agencies and web site publishers. This is an ideal venue to test our ad concepts and create product sell through data. We will compensate the agency for each sale created and they in turn compensate the site from which the sale originated.

Our site www.allusadirect.com displays all of our products. It is a shopping destination. New products benefit from the existing traffic and existing products benefit from the advertising of many products.

We will create a presence for the product. Our ability to concentrate advertising in local markets on all three venues allows us to quickly to impress local consumers on TV, the radio and the internet. From there we can easily move to regional and national campaigns. We will minimize the financial risk and maximize the potential of success. The All USA direct program has distinct advantages.

* Creates “High Visibility” showcases within defined markets.
* Saves time and expense in creating consumer awareness.
* Flexibility to allocate resources where/as needed.
* Gives an enormous head start to the success of a product, and a significant competitive advantage over the established companies.

Fullfillment & Customer Service

Once the advertising does its job, order conversion, order capture, order processing, order management, database development and upkeep, fulfillment, shipping & handling, customer service… all directly impact the customer and none of it is easy. A simple trip to the Post Office, a call from a customer, a bad credit card, your printer, any of hundreds of other things can lose you a customer which in turn can cost you a reorder and also result in bad “word of mouth” which can really hurt a new program. The cost of poor customer service is staggering. Two-thirds of all customers will abandon you no matter how good the product is, due to a single negative interaction. On the other hand, good customer service will increase customer reorders. The follow-on word of mouth referrals from that customer can increase your profits dramatically; sales without advertising cost have made many direct to consumer programs financially secure and able to grow. That’s our goal, to help you grow. With All USA you are a big company, everything you need is right here.

BUT you say these services are too expensive for me right now. They were, but they’re not anymore.

Call us and talk to us All USA Partners is the single source for all your direct sales needs. All USA’s professionally trained staff is prepared to accomplish the task. All programs, whether “business to business” or “business to consumer”, large or small are handled with the same dedication and professionalism. In summary, All USA is your partner handling your daily repetitive functions so you can focus on the critical product issues only you can resolve.

If we can’t talk you into using us, we will help you out, answer your questions and point you in the right direction. If you grow you might need us. But you don’t need to grow to afford us.

To learn more about All USA Partners please visit our Services Page. Or Call toll free 1-800-861-4116 to speak to a live All USA Representative.

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